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Zuratti Inc. is a world-class sports and entertainment management firm that specializes in the representation of sports professionals and artists.
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with satellite locations in Los Angeles and Cleveland. President & founder Michael Chelala prides himself on treating his clients as his own brothers and sisters. Michael had a vision of creating his own extended family. That family is now known to him and the world as "Zuratti."

Our Services

At Zuratti, our relationship with our clients transcends beyond their sports and entertainment careers.
As a full service firm we provide all resources necessary for the success of our clients before, during and post career. It begins with pre-draft and Combine preparation, general advice and mentoring on the transition from college to professional life (both on and off the field), and extends to the day-to-day support that all successful professional athletes are seeking.

At Zuratti we work diligently to secure MAXIMUM COMPENSATION for each client. This means we do not settle for team offer sheets that do not meet Zuratti Standards. Our team of three certified agents simply DOES NOT leave money on the table.

At Zuratti we provide position specific training for each of our clients. Training is focused on addressing NFL scouts' primary concerns. Whether our client wants to train in FLORIDA, COLORADO or any other location; we make sure that we fly in the TOP position coaches to work with our client one on one.

Zuratti’s marketing team controls our clients’ social media accounts. The team keeps up to date with sports media trends and ensures that our athletes are posting and tweeting in order to positively engage their fans. We feature our clients on Sports Talk Radio and TV shows across the country.

At Zuratti we have molded relationships with General Managers and scouts affiliated with all NFL teams. We use these relationships to gain inside information on what areas our clients need to improve upon. Our goal for rookie clients is to raise their draft stock. We feature story pitches to all major outlets in target cities where our client could be drafted. We build our clients’ fan base leading up to the draft. We create and increase public awareness and interest for all our clients.

At Zuratti we initiate sponsorships and endorsement opportunities for each of our clients based on their personality and brand image. We get to know each of our clients and develop a unique and tailored plan for each young man. We set our clients up with a diverse portfolio of endorsements. These endorsements will result in various TV commercials that will be aired both locally and nationally.

At Zuratti we arrange and coordinate foundation events for all our clients (e.g. Golf tournaments, Football camps, Foundation Dinners, Draft Parties).

Zuratti works closely with the NFLPA to ensure each of our clients are set up for a smooth transition into life after football. We create a uniquely tailored plan for each of one of our young men starting from DAY 1. In the offseason, we provide our players with career-related seminars and career counseling. We GUARANTEE each and every one of our clients a successful transition to their post NFL career.


The people we represent aren’t just clients, they’re family. We take our commitments to them seriously, no matter their needs.


Zuratti makes it a priority to give back to the underprivileged young men and women. 

Our Staff

Our staff is made of highly talented folks who are here to work with you. We’ll be there at meetings, in the gym, and at the dinner table.


President & Founder, Accountant & Certified NFL Agent

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President & Founder, Accountant & Certified NFL Agent

Michael is a product of the inner city streets of Cleveland.  He earned his Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Accounting from John Carroll University. 

Prior to launching  Zuratti, Michael worked at All Pro Sports assisting in the post-career representation of several Hall of Famers including BARRY SANDERS, JEROME BETTIS and EDDIE GEORGE. 

Prior to joining the sports industry, Michael was an accountant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the big four accounting firms. Following his stint at PWC, Michael moved to the Financial Services industry working as a Financial Analyst for Parker Hannifin. 

Michael currently resides in Denver, Colorado. He is an advocate for helping the underprivileged youth, kids struggling with depression and bullying. He gives motivational speeches regularly at High Schools across the country.



Attorney & Certified NFL & NBA Agent

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Attorney & Certified NFL & NBA Agent

Cephus Richard III, Managing Partner, is a licensed attorney in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Memphis. Cephus has spent the last decade serving as a Trial Lawyer resolving multi-million dollar cases for families with catastrophic injuries. Cephus is a high powered attorney who is regularly asked to lend his legal knowledge to the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association.

Cephus brings his passion for sports and entertainment and his wealth of knowledge as a Certified NFL and NBA Agent. As Managing Partner and Director of Contracts and Negotiations, Cephus has utilized his extensive negotiation experience from years of negotiating with insurance adjustors and defense attorneys to garner the best outcome for his clients.

At ZURATTI, Cephus dedicates his expertise to his athletes to ensure their success on and off the field.


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