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Keith Kelsey THE Linebacker of the 2017 class

Zuratti Management

Established in 2015, Zuratti Inc. is a world-class sports and entertainment management firm that specializes in the representation of NFL Athletes.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado Zuratti has catapulted as a top competitor in NFL Athlete Representation.

President & founder Michael Chelala is a man who prides himself on treating his clients as his own brothers and sisters. Growing up as an only child with divorced parents, Michael had a vision of creating his own extended family. That family is now known to him and the world as “Zuratti”.

Career Stats
Keith Kelsey THE Linebacker of the 2017 class

296 296


10 10


10 10

Passes Defended

3 3

Forced Fumbles

Why Keith Kelsey Should Select Zuratti?

At Zuratti, our clients are family, and when we work for family it comes naturally. Our relationship with our clients transcends beyond football and continues throughout and post their NFL careers.
Cephus Richard III
  • Three full-time agents working for YOU
  • Commitment to developing your brand on and off the field
  • Team of dedicated professionals to service all your needs

Our Proposal

Successfully prepare and promote Keith for events prior to the 2017 NFL Draft
NFL Combine

NFL Combine

NFL Combine Secure position specific training designed to ensure Keith is prepared to showcase his athleticism at the NFL combine.

NFL Combine

All-Star Games

All-Star Games Promote Keith tirelessly at Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine Game and NFLPA Collegiate Bowls where decision-makers will be present.

NFL Combine

Rookie Contract

Rookie Contract Secure superior Rookie contract and begin positioning for second NFL contract that secures Keith for life.

Marketing Objective


NFL Combine

NFL Combine

NFL Combine

NFL Combine

NFL Combine

NFL Combine

Our Proposal


Our Proposal

Separate Keith from other prospects at his position by highlighting his personality while helping to increase the value of his personal brand.
NFL Combine

Second Career

Second Career Begin the process of preparing Keith for life after football and a second career.

NFL Combine

Red Carpet Access

Red Carpet Access Red Carpet Access to big Events ( ESPYS, BET Awards, Big Fights and other large events from NY to LA).

NFL Combine


Stipend Keith will be given a monthly allowance to cover his day-to-day expenses from the time of signing, to the NFL draft.

NFL Combine


Family Provide everything for Keith's family until Keith is drafted

Primary Marketable Attributes

  • Keith has proven to be a strong leader on his team. His ability to lead his team to success has been on display all season. We will market Keith to company’s lookers to be the leaders of their industry
  • Keith has faced adversity and has continued to be a dedicated young man. Whether to his family, his schoolwork, or his abilities on the field, Darrell has shown dedication to himself and those around him. Service companies that want to exude a level a dedication to their customers will look to Darrell for endorsements.
  • Keith is  no stranger to giving back. He recently visited a long time fan battling cancer. Companies are always looking for a charismatic athlete who loves to give back.
  • Keith has grown into one of the toughest Linebackers in college football. With the ability tackle efficiently, Keith will be considered a total package Linebacker heading into the NFL Draft. Companies that want to give their customers the ‘total package’ will look to Keith for endorsement opportunities.

Brand Building

Build Darrell's brand name by gaining awareness through various media outlets
NFL Combine

ESPN Car Wash

ESPN Car Wash ESPN "Car Wash" - Visit to ESPN headquarters in Bristol with schedules appearances on: SportsCenter, NFL Live, Mike & Mike in the Morning, The Scott Van Pelt Show, ESPN.com Chat, ESPN Sports Science Feature, NFL Network Studio Visit & Interview.

NFL Combine

Social Media

Social Media Feature story pitches to all major outlets in target cities where Keith could be drafted which will increase social media presence. Build Darrell's fan base leading up tot the draft. This will entrench Darrell in the minds of all football fans to help increase public awareness and interest.

NFL Combine

Special Events

Special Events Arrange and coordinate the first foundation event (Golf tournament, Football camp, Foundation Dinner in either Keith's hometown or NFL team City.

NFL Combine


Radio Feature Keith on radio stations across the country. Primarily will be focused on Sports Talk Radio shows.

NFL Combine


TV Set up Keith with a diverse portfolio of endorsements. These endorsements will result in various TV commercials that will be aired both locally and nationally.

NFL Rookie Premiere

Dreams will became a reality for forty rookies from the incoming NFL Draft class during the multi-day NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles
Draft Party


The NFLPA provides players with a platform to take full advantage of the opportunity to be educated on the business of football and personal branding.

  • Emphasis is placed on digital content and building their social media following.
  • Players have the chance to learn about, and take full advantage of, networking with business partners, sponsors, licensees and building relationships with current and former players as well as NFLPA staff.
  • This event goes on the books as their first business trip.

Brand Building

The Keith Kelsey Foundation
Draft Party

Draft Party

  • Create Keith’s own 501 (c)(3) foundation
  • Geared towrad helping the youth in the Gainesville area
  • Details and logistics will be determined together
  • Keith has control over appointing his board of directors
  • Will help build Keith’s brand
  • Will positively impact Keith’s community
  • A chance for your close family and friends to help build your brand